Penny for Your Thoughts …Spend your money responsibly!

It’s finally summer and there are oh so many fun activities to do in this beautiful weather….but most of these things cost money! So how do you determine how to spend your money? Are you spending wisely? Try some of my tips so you don’t overspend this summer!

  1. Think “do I really want to do this? Or am I just doing this to be with my friends?”. Its okay to say no sometimes! Save your money for something you will really enjoy.
  2. Look for coupons and specials. You kids love your technology—so use it to your advantage. There are tons of websites and apps you can use to pull up coupons instantly. So make sure you check these before leaving home.
  3. Try having a night-in. Call your friends, rent a movie, pop some popcorn, and you can have a fun night with your friends without burning through your cash!
  4. Put some money in savings. Save some of your cash so you can go to that concert, or amusement park with your friends. Don’t have a savings account? You can open one up at WAFCU!

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